History of Tom Quick Inn

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The Tom Quick Inn emerged from the joining of two downtown Milford icons: Centre Square Hotel, and Terwilliger House, a boarding house and restaurant. Even before the buildings were connected, the location became a popular destination for residents throughout the Tri-State area, with guests bicycling across the Delaware River from Port Jervis, NY to dine at Terwilliger House’s popular restaurant.

In 1950, both properties were purchased by Bob Phillips Sr. who connected the two buildings that became known as the Tom Quick Inn. Both original buildings are respectively listed in the National Registry of Historic Places. 

As a Milford Hospitality Group property, today’s Tom Quick Inn continues the legacy of Centre Square and Terwilliger House by attracting guests from the Tri-State and beyond with inviting rooms and an appetizing menu. In fact, Milford Hospitality Group was formed, in part, to bring Tom Quick Inn back to its rightful place as a community centerpiece and historic site. From upscale dining and craft cocktails, to antique décor and creature comforts, Tom Quick Inn has everything needed for your leisure.




The Terwilliger House was built, the first of the iconic towers that now make up the Tom Quick Inn.


The second tower, The Center Square House was built. The Terwilliger House and the Center Square House were operated as inns by two sisters, Amanda Beck Terwilliger and Louise Beck Frieh. The Center Square House was described in a contemporary account as an “attractive hotel containing 18 rooms and supplied with modern improvements including steam heat and hot and cold water.”


In 1950, under the ownership of Robert C. Phillips, the Terwilliger House was interconnected to the former Center Square House immediately to its left, becoming the Tom Quick Inn, Bar & Restaurant.


In 1975, Robert Phillips sold the Tom Quick to Richard and Pam Lutfy who successfully ran the inn, restaurant and sports bar until 2004.


The Tom Quick is purchased by an investment banker.

2020- Present

The Tom Quick Inn was purchased by William Rosado of Milford Pa, and immediately and meticulously restored to its rightful place as one of the historic anchor buildings of Milford Pa. He reopened the doors in March of 2021 as a restaurant and inn, reclaiming its former glory.

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