Open Tuesday through Friday
5 pm - 12:00 AM (Ish)

Food Service until 10PM

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Varsity Room/ Speakeasy

Step back in time and have a drink.

The Varsity Room Speakeasy features a bit of Milford and TQ history, too. The bar area features hundreds, perhaps thousands, of names etched onto the walls by customers, a remembrance of years and years of happy patrons and special events; there are also vintage, handmade pennants from colleges and universities to add to the down-home feel of this enchanting bit of yesteryear. The Speakeasy; tell ‘em Rizzo sent ya.

Craft cocktails,
and a taste of history

Behind the iconic Tom Quick Inn, you’ll find a staircase. Illuminated by a warm “Red Glow”… behind the door awaits a feast of the senses.

Open Wednesday’s and Thursdays from 6pm to Midnight. Check our social media for special events!

S'mores Kit- $35/ Item

Enjoy a cozy fire-side snack for two in our beautiful garden! Your S’mores Kit will include marshmallows, graham crackers, and chocolate from Electric City Sweets.

Outdoor Adventure Kit- $25/ Item

Make the most out of your outdoor adventure in the Poconos with our Outdoor Adventure Kit. This kit includes essential items such as wet wipes, bug repellent, sunscreen, a keychain, bottled water, a granola bar, and a cooling towel to keep you comfortable and refreshed throughout your adventure. Add it to your hotel reservation now for a hassle-free outdoor experience.